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Death of a Gentleman

Death of a Gentleman
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Sam Collins, Jarrod Kimber

Sam Collins, Jarrod Kimber, Johnny Blank

Executive Producer(s):
Christopher Hird

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A film by Sam Collin, Jarrod Kimber and Johnny Blank. Two cricket journalists' journey into the emotional highs and lows of the life of a test cricketer turns into an investigation into the forces that are killing international cricket.

Two cricket fans who became journalists, Old Etonian Sam Collins and larrikin Aussie Jarrod Kimber, from opposite ends of the social and geographic scale but united by their love of Test cricket, join forces to try to help save it. They embark on a journey across the cricketing empire to find the answer to the question "Who really cares about Test cricket?" They talk to the players, ex-players, broadcasters, journalists, administrators and fans. They venture, often uninvited, into boardrooms, offices, hotel rooms and even the home of cricket itself, Lord's, looking for answers as to who is responsible, and what are they doing to save their game. Death of a Gentleman is not a nostalgic look back at a sport that professionals played against amateurs while stopping for tea. It's a modern morality tale about a future where sport and money collide, India as a super-power, the curse of the professional administrator and set in a world where fans are better connected to (but more disconnected from) their heroes than ever before. More than that, it is a final call; not just to cricket fans and administrators, but everyone in a rapidly changing world. If you care about something that's in danger, then don't pass the buck, do something about it. Before it's too late.